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Students in a Science Class


Update 2021

The iScientist program is designed to give students a glimpse into the life and work of a scientist through students Q&A with top researchers via video conversation

The iScientist program continues to exhibit tremendous growth, expanding to new geographic locations and revisit participating classrooms. STEM teachers and scientists agree, the iScientist method and pedagogical assistance provide all participants a meaningful and productive experience.





Growth during coronavirus pandemic illustrating the need for digital pedagogical resources


Students reported iScientist expanded their ideas and changed their perceptions of science


Teachers reported the scientist presented themselves as a role model for students



Students would consider participating again

"I was sure that this topic would not interest me at all and to my surprise I listened and was very interested! The scientist was also very nice and answered all our questions.”

“The fire and enthusiasm in his eyes while talking about his research was inspiring!! He was really able to achieve amazing things thanks to willpower and education! He motivated me both in my personal life and in scientific research in general

Chemistry Class

Accessible Cutting Edge Science through Inquiry Based Learning

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