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Discover Science Education Innovation

Transcending Disciplines and Unlocking Universal Potential

Who we are

The Davidson Institute of Science Education is the science literacy arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science and runs a wide range of programs extending across all STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). We reach educators with dynamic content and pedagogical resources, we engage students with easily-accessible cutting-edge science, and we bring reliable and relevant scientific content to the general public.

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The Davidson Institute professionals have the expertise and know-how to infuse scientific content and pedagogy into the educational gaming industry. Advancing Science Literacy Through Gaming Educational games provide context-based opportunities for the application of knowledge and the use of skills and strategies. They also provide a fun and enjoyable way to reach younger audiences, creating a long-term impact in the advancement of science literacy. With the billion-dollar educational gaming market, companies looking for STEM content with clear pedagogical correlation can seek the professionals of the Davidson Institute to incorporate relevant, up-to-date and entertaining scientific content.



With years of experience in the classroom, our courses are designed to increase engagement and promote quality classroom and hybrid practices. Cutting-Edge Professional Development in Content and Innovation ​Ensuring teachers and educational professionals are up-to-date on the latest advancements in science, technology and mathematics, the Davidson Institute operates a wide variety of professional development programs which enhance and enrich science education throughout the world. Topics include: - Encouraging Girls in STEM - Future Thinking in Education - Teaching Science Through Investigation - Soft Skills & Social-Emotional Skills in Science Learning



A diverse blend of scientists, educators, and academic professionals ready to assist in transformation and evolution of your educational programming and methodology needs. Enhance, Design, Implement New and Creative Solutions to Evolve Your Own Organization Education evolution takes time and experience, our science professionals have the tools and know-how to bring true value-added change.  With international institutions expressing the need for our services, Davidson International will be able to provide tangible solutions to different educational structures and systems through a variety of consulting options. - Applying innovative support solutions - Integration of digital tools - Strengthen teaching inside and outside the classroom - Designing unique educational components - Transforming successful programs of the Davidson Institute for the client’s specific needs - Transitioning oversight


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